Quality & Safety

We at Parul Toys take utmost care about Quality & Safety of your kids, which assures that our team is committed to quality and safety throughout the entire research, development and production process-ensuring that your kid has the safest toy in hand.

Testing toys for quality & safety at every step

Our Quality & Safety Assurance Team is involved in every stage of a toy’s development, and throughout the manufacturing process as well. Our toys meet the most stringent Indian safety standards (BIS) and are continually tested to make sure that they comply with these standards. Our quality assurance and safety program also includes in-house lab check testing on a regular basis to make sure that our toys are always safe–not just a Standard Certification.

We comply with Indian Safety Standards

Our toys comply with the safety standards and other regulations and requirements of the Indian Quality Control:

IS No. Standard Title
IS9873-1 Safety to Mechanical & Physical Properties
IS9873-2 Flammability
IS9873-3 Migration of Certain Elements
IS9873-9 Certain Phthalates Esters in Toys
IS15644 Safety of Electric Toys

The tests our products undergo

Each toy is submitted to a specially certified lab or In-House Lab where it is put through a rigorous series of tests to make sure it complies to the tested standard for that particular type of toy.

Most standards include at least the following tests:

Tests  Tests 
Normal Use Battery Polarity Reversed
Moisture Resistance Marking & Instructions
Material Construction
Small Part Warning Screws & Connections
Sharp Edges Test Components
Sharp Points Test Mechanical Strength
Metal Wires & Rods Resistance to Heat & Fire
Plastic Bags in Packaging Electric Strength at OT
Stability & Overload Protection of Cords & Wires
Speed Limitation Electric Strength at RT
Abnormal Operation Foreseeable Abuse
Toxicity &  Similar Hazards Creepage Distances

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