Recall Info

Parul Toys (I) Pvt. Ltd. announces that the company will be providing safety replacements/fixes for our products as and when required.

The company want to reassure parents that our products are absolutely safe. We operate in a highly regulated industry and we test our products at many stages during development and production. Our product engineers have many years of experience in designing safe toys. In addition, we monitor parents’ safety-related reports over time. If we see an issue with a product at any point, even after many have been sold and used safely, we take appropriate action.

Our actions reflect our continuing commitment to the safety of our products. All our products are used safely every day and we believe these simple fixes will continue that excellent record.

Please carefully review your production batch specific recall details and share the facts about affected toys in your area with family and friends who may benefit from the information.

Currently no recall or safety alerts have been announced

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